For Teachers

Help students succeed while taking a break.

Syllabus combines simple software with powerful automation to create and maintain complete full-length courses. It includes a teacher oriented course creation suite that not only makes course creation easy, but also helps teachers make better courses with specific tools. And by pre-grading certain assignment types, it helps teachers save valuable time.

Be creative.
Dozens of assignment types.

With Syllabus, it’s easy to be creative without time consuming hard work, allowing you to focus on improving your course. Margaret Mead once said that a model that is completely realistic is no more useful than a map with a scale of one-to-one. The only reason the map helps you is.

  • Video & AudioPre-recorded lectures.

  • ReadingArticles or assigned books.

  • WritingCritical thought responses.

  • UploadCustom documents.

  • QuestionaireTraditional testing.

With anyone, at any time.

Teachers can communicate clearly and easily with a specific individual, group of students, or the entire classroom without ever having to touch an email. Students are notified immediately and future plans include the option to send specific action items such as a request to complete a document to any of those groups of people.

Grade faster.
Automation to help with tedious tasks.

When teachers use the video & audio, reading and/or traditional questionnaire assignment types and provide Syllabus with the answers, grading will become automated and the students grades are simultaneously updated. This saves the teacher tons of time which allows them to focus on more important tasks, or have a full weekend to themselves.

Grade accurately.
Grading tools specifically for teachers.

When students go through a course, their course work is tied to their account and automatically organized for the teacher. Teachers simply visit that student’s course work and begins grading their uploads or writing assignments. To help teachers, Syllabus includes tools built specifically for markup and other annotations, thus making grading not only easier, but also more accurate.