For Administrators

Less paperwork. Less headaches.

With Syllabus, students register for new classes, pay tuition and fill out other miscellaneous documents all online. It then takes these items and quickly organizes them for easy access based on individual students or courses. Once these documents have been compiled, see dozens of various statistics that help you gain insight into how your online school is doing.

Less work.
Students manage their own accounts.

Keeping up with students’ paperwork throughout registration and tuition takes dozens of people. With Syllabus, students manage their own registration and tuition. And with built-in error checking, there is no longer a need to review documents for errors. Naturally keep students accountable and on track, thus improving the chances of success.

Statistics to know where you stand.

Knowing where your school stands is half the battle. Once you log in, quickly see dozens of statistics such as total number of students, how much tuition has been paid, and much more. No longer will you need to hunt down all the information and tally it up yourself. If something isn’t available that you’d like to see, simply reach out to your support agent.

Syllabus is for Students.

Helping students succeed is the highest goal of any college, university or seminary. By providing an easy-to-use platform and help along the way, Syllabus is the best LMS choice to help those students succeed.

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Syllabus is for Teachers.

To help those students succeed, teachers need to feel empowered to do the best job that they can do. Syllabus provides the perfect tools to create powerful online courses as well as help in managing their daily tasks.

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